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Conference Papers


LEOS 2008
Optoelectronic Devices and Subsystems for Digital Coherent Optical Communication
I.Shpantzer, Ya. Achiam , P.S. Cho, A.Greenblatt, G. Harston, A.Kaplan

Active Control of an Optical 90 Hybrid for Coherent Detection
G. Harston, P.S.Cho, A.Greenblatt, Ya. Achiam, I.Shpantzer


14th Coherent Laser Radar Conference 2007
A novel coherent laser radar architecture based on temporal-diversified optical orthogonal-frequency-division-multiplexing
I.Shpantzer, P.S. Cho, J. Khurgin


ECIO 2007
Fully Tunable LiNbO3 Ring Resonator Cavity for Frequency Comb Generator (FCG)
A.Kaplan, A.Greenblatt, G. Harston, P.S. Cho, Y. Achiam, I.Shpantzer

COTA 2008 (Coherent Optical Technologies and Applications)
The FWM Impairment in Coherent OFDM Compounds on a Phased-Array Basis over Dispersive Multi-Span Links
Moshe Nazarathy, Jacob Khurgin, Rakefet Weidenfeld, Yehuda Meiman, Pak Cho, Reinhold Noe and Isaac Shpantzer

Fading Mitigation in Homodyne RZ-QPSK via Delay-Diversity Transmission
P. S. Cho, Y.Meiman, G. Harston, Y. Achiam and I. Shpantzer

Digital Coherent Communication Algorithms and Architectures
Isaac Shpantzer

COTA 2006 (Coherent Optical Technologies and Applications)
Fieldable Digital Coherent Interferometric Communication and Sensing Application Domains
I. Shpantzer

Closed-Loop Control of LiNbO3 Quadrature Modulator for Coherent Communications
P.S. Cho, J. B. Khurgin and I. Shpantzer

Optical phase-locked loop performance in homodyne detection using pulsed and CW LO
P.S. Cho

Tunable Frequency Comb Generator based LiNb03 Ring Resonator
A. Kaplan, A. Greenblatt, G. Harston, P.S. Cho, Y. Achiam and I. Shpantzer

Painless fully orthogonal coherent OCDM
J. B. Khurgin, A. B. Cooper III, P.S. Cho and I. Shpantzer

Integrated Optical Coherent Balanced Receiver
P.S. Cho, G. Harston, A. Greenblatt, A. Kaplan, Y. Achiam, R. M. Bertenburg, A. Brennemann, B. Adoram, P, Goldgeigeier and A. Hershkovits

European “synQPSK” Project: Toward Synchronous Optical Quadrature Phase Shift Keying with DFB Lasers
Reinhold Noé, Ulrich Rűckert, Y. Achiam, Franz-Josef Tegude and Henri Porte

Real-time Synchronous QPSK Transmission with Standard DFB Lasers and Digital I&Q Receiver
Timo Pfau, Sebastian Hoffman, Ralf Peveling, Suhas Bhandare, Selwan K. Ibrahim, Olaf Adamczyk, Mario Porrman, Reinhold Noé and Y. Achiam

Photonics Technology Letters, IEEE
IEEE Photonics Technology Letters
Closed-Loop Bias Control of Optical Quadrature Modulator
P.S. Cho, J. B. Khurgin and I. Shpantzer

Secure Optical Communications Utilizing PSK Modulation, Polarization Multiplexing and Coherent Digital Homodyne Detection With Wavelength and Polarization Agility

Novel Design for the Broadband Linearized Optical Intensity Modulator
N. Reingand, I. Shpantzer, Y. Achiam, A. Kaplan, A. Greenblatt, G. Harston and P.S. Cho


Suppression of cross-gain modulation induced crosstalk in semiconductor optical amplifier using return-to-zero differential phase-shift-keying
P. S. Cho, J. B. Khurgin

OFC 2003
Digital, Endless Polarization Control for Polarization Multiplexed Fiber-optic Communications
M. Tseytlin, O. Ritterbush, A. Salamon

ECIO 2003
LiNbO3 Integrated Optical QPSK Modulator and Coherent Receiver
A. Kaplan, K. Achiam, A. Greenblatt, G. Harston and P. S. Cho

ECOC 2002
Nonlinear Penalty Reduction Of RZ-DBPSK Versus RZ-OOK Modulation Format In Fiber Communications
V. S. Grigoryan, P. S. Cho, and I. Shpantzer

OECC 2002
A New Generation of Coherent ULH Fiber-Optic Communication
I. Shpantzer

Optical differential binary phase shift keying of return-to-zero pulses for long-haul DWDM transmission systems
P. S. Cho, V. S. Grigoryan, N. Reingand, and I. Shpantzer

SCEE 2002
Coherent Optical Fiber Communication Architecture, Modeling and Optimization
Isaac Shpantzer, A. Salamon, V. Grigoryan, M. Tseytlin, O. Ritterbush, A. Kaplan, K. Achiam, A. Demir, J. Nagel

Journal Papers

Journal of Electronic Defense
Looking for a Light
Toomas Kilm

IEEE Photonics Technology Letters
Suppression of Cross-Gain Modulation in SOA Using RZ-DPSK Modulation Format
P. S. Cho, J. B. Khurgin