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CeLight delivers the value of digital coherent optical innovations to system vendors through its VectorWAVE-based products, sub-systems and integrated electro-optical components, customized design and fabrication services, and consulting and R&D services in coherent communications and technologies.



Three of the key building blocks of CeLight’s VectorWAVE platform are the Coherent Receiver CL-CR-10, Optical Hybrid CL-QOH-90, Quadrature Modulator CL-QM-12.5.

CL-CR-10 Coherent Receiver


Coherent Receiver Diagram

coherent receiver reduced


The Coherent Receiver CL-CR-10 provides an integrated solution packaging CeLight’s Optical Hybrid with commercially available balanced detectors in one compact device to provide a 10X reduction in size and dramatically higher reliability.

DATA SHEET: Coherent Receiver CL-CR-10

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CL-QOH-90 Optical Hybrid



The integrated broadband 90º optical hybrid, CL-QOH-90, can be used for coherent signal demodulation. The LiNbO3 integrated component accepts two optical signals (S1& S2) and generates four output signals: {S1+jS2, S1-jS2, S1+S2, S1-S2}. By attaching two balanced receivers to the output of the hybrid, the relative phase information between the input signals can be extracted via differential detection and digital signal processing.

DATA SHEET: Optical Hybrid CL-QOH-90

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CL-QM-12.5 Quadrature Modulator    


The integrated quadrature modulator, CL-QM-12.5, is designed for 10 Gsymbol/s Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (QAM) modulation. The device is based on X-cut Ti:LiNbO3 integrated optics technology. For the case of Quadrature Phase Shift Keying (QPSK) the device enables the transmission of 20 Gb/s with 25% super-FEC overhead.

DATA SHEET: Quadrature Modulator CL-QM-12.5

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These stand-alone components will also be marketed as part of a sub-system whereby they are packaged with electronics to stabilize and control the devices in order to ease integration into higher-level sub-systems and products. Initially, CeLight will offer four component sub-systems:

  • Quadrature Modulator sub-system
  • Optical Hybrid sub-system
  • Optical Comb sub-system
  • Coherent Receiver sub-system

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Over time, CeLight plans to deliver higher-level sub-systems that can execute advanced algorithms to provide value-added functionality. Systems integrators can use CeLight’s components and sub-systems to accelerate advanced application prototyping, development and testing for government and commercial markets. As the applications mature, government and contractor funding will support productization into deployed systems.

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LiNbO3 Design and Fabrication Services

CeLight offers state-of-the-art design and fabrication services, leveraging the innovations and expertise used to develop its core VectoreWAVE™ technology. Examples of CeLight's capabilities and equipment at its LiNbO3 fabrication facility include the following:

Clean Rooms:

  • Class 100 - 500 ft2
  • Class 1000 - 2000 ft2
Lithium Niobate Fabrication:
  • Thin film capabilities
    • DC, pulsed DC, RF and reactive oxide processes
  • Thick film capabilitie
    • Thick plated Au for high frequency applications
  • Diffusion furnaces
  • Lithography services
  • Wafer dicing
  • Optical polishing
Measurement Equipment:
  • Optical microscope with measurement capabilities
  • Thin and thick film measuring instruments
  • Optical waveguide characterization and measurement
  • High frequency electro-optic test and measurement
  • Environmental Chamber for automated device and packaging testing

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CeLight specializes in the analysis, synthesis, simulation, design, prototyping and fabrication of advanced optical transmission technologies and devices.

With a team of engineers and Ph.D.’s who are experts in coherent optical technologies and techniques, CeLight’s experienced R&D team provides focused research and development services including:
  • LiNbO3 advanced element design, analysis, fabrication, and testing
  • Prototyping of novel optical components and sub-systems
  • Integration and testing of complex optical/electro-optical devices
  • Optical and electro-optical component, subsystem and system level analysis, simulation, design and optimization
  • Advanced algorithm studies, analysis, design and coding.
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