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Government & Military

CeLight’s innovations in coherent optical technologies, coupled with a unique, programmable, digital architecture, enable breakthrough capabilities for advanced military, homeland security, and government applications.

CeLight’s products and services enable system integrators to offer solutions with previously unattainable capabilities and improved price-to-performance ratios to the end-customer due to two main advantages of coherent systems:

  • Coherent signals use not just the amplitude, but also the phase of light in order to convey and extract even more detailed sensing information as a means to improve system performance
  • Coherent detection uniquely allows a linear transformation of the received optical signal to electrical baseband so that no information is lost, thereby allowing it to be processed digitally as a means to attain new functionality and programmability

Over the last 30 years, $100B's have been spent in the commercial and military markets to create and perfect technologies used in the Radio Frequency (RF) domain for applications such as communications, RADAR, signal intelligence and electronic warfare. Key advances resulting from these investments include the use of coherent detection and the migration of processing of RF signals from the analog domain to the digital domain. Yet prevalent optical techniques use analog processing, relegating the optical world to where RF was 30 years ago, thereby preventing the industry from leveraging its previous investments and know-how.

Until now, that is. CeLight’s VectorWAVE technology is uniquely positioned to provide a quantum leap by leveraging the RF world’s accomplishments in coherent techniques and digital signal processing to the optical domain. Just like in RF, the VectorWAVE optical transmitter first synthesizes the desired signal digitally. The signal is then converted to an optical waveform and transmitted. The VectorWAVE receiver is unique in that it uses coherent detection and digital signal processing to analyze the received optical waveform. The use of coherent detection allows the VectorWAVE receiver to filter the desired frequency-slice from the optical domain and to linearly convert it to an electrical signal that can then be analyzed using modern DSP technology.

VectorWAVE Architecture

Recently, the U.S. Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security have expanded funding to add the use of optical frequency technologies to its product portfolio, creating a whole new defense market for:

  • Remote detection of explosives, trace gases and bio-chemical agents – provides increased homeland and global security against growing threats
  • Secure optical communications – providing a 1000x increase in communications link capacity while retaining physical layer security considered mandatory in RF links
  • Coherent LADAR (Laser RADAR) – reaching higher resolution for target identification, tracking, and discrimination and identification of friend or foe
  • 3D laser vibrometry – discrimination of warheads from decoys for missile defense
  • Optical signal intelligence - detecting and analyzing communications and LADAR signals
  • Opto-electronic warfare - jamming optical signals and sending optical decoy signals

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